Glass Closet, a tinted one!

Written by KoyelM I remember how the realness of the ‘glass-closet’ had amazed us on the first day of the writing workshop. The phrase was almost aptly fitting inside us. And we were exchanging overwhelming looks. I was recalling my first year of college. All around me were people busy in forming newer, bigger, circles … Continue reading Glass Closet, a tinted one!


Queer Politics on Campus

Written by Agender Witch Student elections are a gala affair. There is a fair amount of campaigning, mud slinging and last minute pleading for votes. But there is also a great amount of social mobilisation that takes place. Elections provide an opportune moment for the marginalised sections on the campus to form a groundswell of … Continue reading Queer Politics on Campus

Of Glass Closets and Labels

Written by The Wary Passenger Of late, I have been happy to encounter quite a few discussions on the realities of coming out. Some of my favorite movies, sadly, present coming out as a panacea to all problems that queer people face. I suppose it is not surprising that they unwittingly feature realities that are … Continue reading Of Glass Closets and Labels