Lesbians are so lucky

Written by Diti


Navigating a new campus

Written by Div Initial days in college are difficult. I moved from a college which is considered to be one of the most orthodox in the city to one which is seen as the most progressive one. I suppose it was this image of “progressiveness” that made getting used to the rampant queerphobia and ignorance … Continue reading Navigating a new campus

Celebrating/Purchasing the day of Love

Written by KoyelM The market launched Valentine’s Day into the lives of the 90’s kids long before love could happen to them.  And I definitely was not an exception! Films and friends have beautifully prepared me with the ‘do’s (and some ‘don’ts!) of the day even before life gave any ‘opportunity’ to do anything on … Continue reading Celebrating/Purchasing the day of Love

Understanding Queer Identity

Guest Post by Yashwat As a cis-man I have grown up abusing my male friends with feminine mannerism. Later things changed when I encountered with progressive ideas, and now I regret my insensitive behaviour in the past. Even before coming to TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) I was gradually becoming sensitive towards the Hijra … Continue reading Understanding Queer Identity